Sunday, August 25, 2013

Traffic in Lilongwe: photos

Pictures can't really do justice to the traffic here; I think it would take an IMAX movie theater, and you'd still miss the diesel fumes which are such an integral part of the experience.  But it's worth a try, I suppose.  (I'm hoping that if I post enough photos, all my dear relatives will be extra motivated to pray for us as me as I learn to cope with driving here!)

Here's a typical scene in the capital Lilongwe.  People all over, ditches you don't want to drop a wheel into, and rarely a traffic light to help you turn off a side street into traffic.

Another street scene in Lilongwe.  Traffic is always horrendous at this intersection.  Open manhole in the middle of the sidewalk - it's not just the drivers who have to be wary!

I really hate it when the big lorries loom up out of nowhere and roar around our cringing little VW.

See what this bus says?  That's the name of the game.

And a few more shots taken while driving through Lilongwe:
Two different Malawian friends have told us, "People are afraid of the rain, but they'll 
walk right out into traffic without looking."

 There is a pedestrian walkway over the road here, but we've never seen anyone use it - apparently swarming across the road is preferable.

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