Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fri, Aug 16: Emma on Bishop Mackenzie International School

Emma: 8 differences between Bishop Mackenzie International School and Lemont/Houserville:
  1. You have to go outside to get from classroom to classroom.
  2. The students and teachers are from everywhere, which means very different accents that can be hard to understand. My homeroom teacher is from New Zealand. (Joel: My science teacher is from Ireland.)
  3. There are periods instead of different classes.
  4. You have tables instead of desks, and have to take everything home with you every night – which makes for a heavy backpack.
  5. Classes start at 7:15.
  6. Classes let out at noon on Fridays, probably because of the Muslim students, who worship at the mosque on Fridays.
  7. There are uniforms.
  8. You have to change clothes for P.E.

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