Sunday, August 25, 2013

Traffic in the country: photos

Traffic in the country is such a different beast from traffic in the city that I decided it merits its own post.  In contrast to the constant negotiation through the people and vehicles that clog the city streets, in the country you rely on lightening reflexes to dodge anything that might suddenly pop into your line of travel.

A large slow truck loaded with firewood-hauling bicycles and their owners, returning to the forest.  Many men ride their bikes back, but some get rides.  This picture also gives you some feel for how narrow the lanes are.

Joel: A funny safety billboard.  It really gets my goat* that the car is destroyed and the goat is unhurt.  Prov told us that it says that unattended livestock hit by cars are the animal owner's responsibility.  *Ha ha ha.

A through-the-windshield shot of a goat in action.  The bicyclist has a load of what we think is thatching material for a roof.


  1. I guess that the benefit for driving in areas like that for me would be that I learned to drive in Bangladesh, which at the time was not all that different to what you are seeing now; I'm sure Eric can confirm... :)

  2. True Kris - but I didn't learn to drive in traffic in B'desh - Dhaka was not "beginner friendly"!