Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sat. August 17: Friends Take Care

This is a little outdoor diner Patson introduced us to, and we've been back a couple of times - very Malawian.  Nsima (maize porridge), beans or meat, greens.  No silverware.  The food is fairly mild but it comes with a bottle peri peri sauce which says "Friends Take Care" on the label...I am here to tell you that some care is definitely in order.  The last time the greens came cooked in peanut flour, which was so good I bought some peanut flour the next day.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it.


  1. I've really enjoyed reading the posts and seeing the photos of Malawi so far. It's very interesting to hear about and to see and it makes it more real to me that you are there.

  2. Karen - so glad you can look over our shoulders this way. I'm finding that I really enjoy seeing comments from our friends in PA - it makes me feel like I'm sharing the journey with my friends.