Monday, December 9, 2013


Yesterday was the Chichewa service at Bunda CCAP, so we stayed home and listened to a service from University Mennonite (Our church in PA). Actually we listened to the 50th Anniversary celebration service, which we were sad to miss, but Malawi is pretty far (and $11,000 too much to spend in tickets) for a weekend trip.

At one point during the service they called up all the 3rd generation from the congregation, and I realized “That would have been Joel and Emma”. At that point I found myself thinking “What on earth have we done?”. We have put down deep roots in central PA, and I don’t think we’re really realized how much it may cost us to leave.

As a family we are at an odd place. We’ve left the home we’ve known for the last 10 years - the town where I have spent more of my life than anywhere else, and the town where Joel and Emma were the 3rd generation in our church. But before we had time to root ourselves in our new place in Greenville, we left for 5 months in Malawi. As this time comes to a close, we find ourselves saying “when we go back…” and not quite being able to say “home”, because we don’t really know where home is.

I know some of our new friends in Greenville may read this. Please don’t take this the wrong way. We want to make a home for ourselves in Greenville, but we are keenly aware of what we have lost.

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