Friday, December 13, 2013

A Few of Our Favorite Signs

Any time we take a road trip we keep an eye out for interesting signs.  Here are some of the ones that have tickled our fancy, that we've managed to get pictures of.  We don't do this in a spirit of making fun, just a spirit of being in a place that's new to us where language is used differently.  It makes every road trip an adventure!

Do you really want furniture that goes "Boom"?  Even if it is genuine furniture (as opposed to imitation furniture, presumably)?

We're sure this makes perfect sense to someone.  But even Eric "The Stats Guy" couldn't explain this store name.

Anyone who has ever chewed on a stick of sugar cane knows that this is NOT how you do it!  Apparently Colgate gave this kid teeth that work like a beaver's, which seems a pretty good argument not to buy the stuff.  (A piece of cane is pretty woody; you peel off the hard green outside and worry off some of the inner fibers.  You chew on that until you've got all the sweet juice out, spit out the pulpy mess that's left, then gnaw off some more.)

 Finally, a cosmetic shop that might have a prayer of making me look good!  I think this might be what it takes.

 A "Document Doctor" - is that even legal?  Maybe that's where you go to get the finishing touches put on the Zambian or Malawian or Mozambican passports that you can buy on the street.

We've been told that the Chichewa writing here explains that if your goat causes damage to a car, you are responsible.  We are just in awe of the picture of the goat calmly walking away from the wreckage of an auto - Emma points out that this car is the same color as ours.  We hope that if we ever do hit a goat it's not a Supergoat like that one.

Apparently our living room furniture did not come from here, or we'd like it better.

We saw this box in a store full of cheap Chinese products: a Universal Vegetable Stuffing Home Device which promises "Multi-function machine broken dishes."  Tempting, but we managed to resist.

"No pain, no gain."  Coming to this bar will be painful but it will be good for you, we promise.
Joel asks, is having a bottle store with "No Limit" really a good idea?

Joel is the one who caught this one: "Praise God, I found a discount!"

Unfortunately even "Obama bread" wasn't enough to keep this bakery in business - it seems to have folded.  Too bad - we liked the bread.  We never did find the "bin Laden bread" that some friends told us about.

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