Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wildlife Photos

My apologies for taking such a long time to post these - the last couple of weeks has been rather hectic: I've revised my class materials and taught another R workshop, spent a couple of days kicking around Lilongwe getting some minor car repairs done, and all of us except Joel have been sick at least once since the safari. I think we're all on the mend at this point though!

Here at long last are the pictures we promised (culled from ~ 300 pictures I took) - we hope you enjoy them!

Hippo lounging in the Luangwa river in front of Thronicroft lodge. They make loud snorting noises at night - it sounded to me like they were about to sit on the tents!

African Fish Eagle - an amazing bird

The Thornicroft giraffe is a sub-species endemic to S. Luangwa

Lions resting after a meal

I really wanted to get both the oxpecker and the buffalo in focus, but didn't manage to. We saw lots of ox-peckers on the giraffes also.

This hippo had been lounging in the sand and got up and walked into the river just as we happened by

A group of elephants coming for a drink

More elephants

Zebras are fun to photograph

Giraffes have to work hard for a drink

Later in the day the whole pride of lions was sleeping and resting in the sun

Southern carmine bee-eaters basking in the morning sun

I could have spent hours photographing these birds - they are simply amazing!

We were a few minutes too late to watch this leopard drag the impala into the tree.

This leopard didn't get its kill into a tree fast enough, and was robbed by three hyenas.

A face only a mother could love.

Lilac breasted rollers were all over the place. In flight the wings show blue and purple.
I'm still trying to get a good photo of these birds - probably I need a longer lens than the 300mm.
Seeing all these incredible creatures was a real delight. Watching Joel and Emma be delighted by them was even more of a delight! All in all, it was a wonderful experience!

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  1. Thank you for sharing some of the beauty of Africa with us!